Healthy Meal each week 19 With Healthy Leftover Idea

Healthy Leftover Idea: Wheat Grains Grains Muffin Sandwich

This is a simple to create meal that you will make particularly if they love pasta. Best yet, cooking is appropriate around twenty minutes so enjoy since you will not be spending lots of time as you are watching stove.

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Ensure to provide the leftover idea a go if you want to restore it up for supper each morning. A tasty treat that’s simple to tote around to acquire most current listings for lunch.

The Apparatus

– pan for grilling

– pot for sauce

– tongs/fork for turning sausages

– colander for straining


– twenty minutes


Roughly 5-6 servings

– 1 box vegetable penne pasta

– 1 jar pasta sauce

– 1 small can sliced olives

– 3 medium Portobello mushrooms

– 1 package chicken sausages

– 1 bunch parsley

For leftover Wheat Grains Grains Muffin Sandwiches:

– wheat grains grains British muffins

– shredded mozzarella cheese

  1. Having a skillet on medium temperature add 3/4 cup water along with the sausages inside the package. Use tongs or maybe a fork to rotate every couple of minutes before the sides are transported out (slightly brown).

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  1. While sausages are cooking, boil water for the pasta per the directions across the container you bought. Once water is boiling add pasta making formulations uncovered stirring from time to time. The pasta utilized in this case needed 10-12 minutes of cooking.
  1. In the small pot on cold adding entire products in pasta sauce.
  1. Dice inside the three Portobello mushrooms contributing to a minimum of oneOrfour cup price of parsley. Also open the can of sliced olives but drain the juice. Add olives, parsley, and mushrooms for that pasta sauce and stir frequently.
  1. When sausages look slightly brown around the sides remove from stove. Using this meal the sausages were sliced into small bite-sized pieces and mixed towards the pasta if you just choose to keep sausages whole are you going to.
  1. Once pasta is completed drain, having a colander and hang up to empty cooking pot with no heat.
  1. Adding sauce mixture and diced up sausages for that pasta and stir well. *Note: If you’re searching at making the leftover sausage muffins, ensure to save a sausage or maybe more having a couple of within the sauce mixture – roughly 2 heaping spoonfuls per sandwich.
  1. Serve a appropriate portion size, garnish with a few parsley and revel in!

Healthy Leftover Meal: Wheat Grains Grains Muffin Sandwiches

Perhaps you have attempted the meatball sandwich from Subway, this is a proven fact that tastes almost exactly the same yet half the calories. The only real extra products you will need are wheat grains grains British muffins plus a handful of shredded mozzarella cheese.

First, slice open an entire wheat British muffin and add one heaping spoonful of sauce within both bottom and top piece. Next, adding mozzarella cheese to each side. Finally slice one sausage by 50 percent lengthwise and hang on the top of bottom bit of the British muffin. Cover while using the top slice and microwave for any couple of seconds if you want the cheese to melt and warm the muffin. When you plan to think about doing doing this along with you to definitely obtain most current listings for lunch in the morning, wait to microwave until you are to eat.

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