How to Make Condensed Milk at Home

How to make condensed milk at home
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    15-20 minute
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    1 hour
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Condensed milk is made by cow’s milk. Its consistency is very thick, it is very sweet in taste. It is found in the market in various brand names, Amul’s Sweets Mate and Nestle’s Milk Mate condensed milk are easily available in Indian market. Condensed milk in the box has a long shelf life. It can last for more than a year without spoiling.

Uses of Condensed milk :

Condensed milk is use to make egg products instead of eggs. This milk is also used to make sweets. Although condensed milk is very easy to find in the market, but many times it is not available in the market, you can make Condensed milk at home.

It’s very easy to make Condensed milk at home. Today we will learn how to make Condensed milk at home. So let’s start making Condensed milk at home

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1 Step

First - Boil the milk in a vessel. When the milk boils, add sugar to it and also add baking powder and keep stirring it. Cook it till the milk becomes one third. You will see that the milk has been thick, now turn off the gas and the condensed milk is ready, now keep it in freezer for 1 hour and use according your wish.


So, as you see how it is easy to make Condensed milk at home. So just start making it and share your experience in comments.

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