How to make veg burger at home

How to make veg burger in home
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Veg potato Tikki burgers is very tasty to eat. Indian Peoples gave it a new look by using Indian spices. A burger is children’s favorite food. But eating a burger every day can harmful for health. Whenever you wish and your children insist to eat the burger, you can make a burger quickly with our special veg burger recipe. The veg burger is very easy and helpful to make veg burger at home. Let’s start How to make a veg burger at home.

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1 Step

First of all, mash the boiled potatoes and peas. Now add salt, black pepper, crumble brad, cumin powder, green chili, and mix it. Now put the pan on the gas to heat it. Now put 2-3 spoons of oil in the pan and heat it.

2 Step

Now take a little from the mixture and flatten it with the shape of Tikki, now wrap it in bread crumble and press it lightly. Prepare all the Tikkis in this way.

3 Step

Now cook the Tikki in a pan on low flame. Cook the tikkis till they turn light brown on both sides. Now Your Potato Tikki is ready.

4 Step

Now heat the burger bun in a pan and cook until it crisp. Heat all burger buns in this way

5 Step

Now take a piece of burger bun and apply a spoon tomato sauce on it. Put a slice of cucumber on it and give chaat masala burrak. Now add tikki made of potatoes to it. Now put an onion slice, slice of cottage cheese, cabbage leaf, tomato slice. Then add chaat masala burrak to it. Now take another piece of burger bun and apply green coriander sauce and stop it. The wedge burger is ready. Serve the hot veg burger with sauce

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